Root Canal Therapy


We provide fast and comfortable root canals. Dr. Courtney has a lot of experience in root canal therapy and his work is high-quality and professional.

Root Canals are used when a tooth has decayed and become infected. This procedure can save the tooth and avoid a painful extraction. Scroll down to learn more about this procedure.

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Why would i need a root canal?

The diagram to the right shows the component parts of you tooth. As you will see, the first two layers are the enamel and dentin, which form the hard outer surface of the tooth.

When you have an old filling or extensive decay, decay can cause the pulp in the center of the tooth to become infected. The infection spreads through the canals on the root of the tooth, and can create an infection (an “abscess”) at the bottom of the root inside your bone.

A root canal is necessary when this level of infection has set in.

Our Root Canal Procedure

Our root canals are fast and comfortable thanks to the use of motorized rotary instruments and local anesthetic. A rotary instrument is a hand piece which allows us to clean and shape the canals faster than using traditional hand files. Dr. Courtney has performed many root canals and will give you competent and professional care.

It is important to choose an experienced dentist for root canals. If this procedure is not done thoroughly and completely, the canals can become re-infected at a later date. A properly done root canal can salvage a tooth and keep it healthy for life.

How do you know if you need a Root Canal?

There are several symptoms to watch for that may indicate the need for Root Canal Therapy.

Some of these include:

  • A lingering toothache of moderate to severe intensity

  • A toothache so painful that it keeps you up at night

  • Pain in a tooth you chew or bite down

  • Swelling on the outside of your gum which may release blood or pus

  • A spreading pain in your jaw – you can have an infected tooth that causes pain through an entire side of your jaw

The only way to determine the need for a root canal is to come and see Dr. Courtney for x-rays and a consultation.

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