Patient Reviews for Dr. Courtney

"I was avoiding dentists for some time and had a lot of anxiety about it, but one day I looked them up and called. Cedar Dental has been great and I'm now starting to enjoy going to the dentist. I've had two fillings there and the most recent one was possibly my best experience of this type that I've ever had. If you have worries or anything like that is a problem for you, then I strongly suggest you contact them. They've helped me greatly."

-John B.

"Only dental group I entrust my smile to. The entire staff is great. I've been all over this country as an Army Combat Medic, so I can honestly say I have the very best dental group, I have ever been to. From the Receptionist to the Hygentist, to the Assistant, and the very best Dentist, they are all truly an amazing group of people."

- Joseph E.

"I love Cedar Dental.  Dr. Courtney has done some fabulous work on my teeth, and the hygenists are always extremely thorough in the cleanings.  Rhema in the front office rocks and is super welcoming.  She knows her stuff and has always been helpful when I have questions."

- Angie W.

"Dr Courtney is my primary dentist and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Very professional crew and really care about their clients. Rhema is awesome and very understanding. I highly recommend this office."

-Lynn A.

"Very nice facility. The staff was professional and thorough. I was very pleased with my experience and rescheduled for routine cleaning."

-Maria Z.

"I enjoy coming to this clinic alot. The staff and team is a delight to work with, especially Reyma. Everyone is also extremely helpful when it comes to insurance, oral surgeons etc. I refer everyone I know here"

- Koi S.

"I have received all my dental care from Dr Courtney and his staff for at least 25 years. Always professional, answers all my questions, and all work has been of high quality - have never experienced an issue post treatment."

-Stan I.

"It's taken me a long time to find a dentist I can trust and an office staff I like! Dr. Courtney is the best and I actually like going in every 6 months to see Heidi for my cleaning."

-Kris H.

"I've been  going to this dental office since I've had my baby teeth. I have a hard time understanding people's fear of the dentist and I'm starting to realize it is because of the top notch care I receive from Dr. Tran, Dr. Courtney, and their incredible staff. I actually kind of enjoy getting my cleanings (so smooth and clean!) and like seeing the familiar friendly faces. Over the years I've had a few cavities filled, sealants put on, fluoride rinses, and cleanings galore. They also helped me effortlessly change dentists  when I moved for a brief period of time and have helped me deal with any insurance changes.  I've honestly never had a bad experience here. I love my pearly whites and I'm pretty sure I have this dental office to thank!"

- Katie S.

"I was referred here by a fellow coworker after a part of my tooth broke off from an old root canal I had done. Everyone-- from the office staff, to the dental hygienist who cleaned my teeth gently and thoroughly, to the dentist Dr. Courtney were all excellent. The ONLY thing I don't like is that I have to be referred out to two different surgeons for the work I need done (as they don't do surgery in house). But overall I'm very happy with the care I've received, the patience they've shown, and their overall knowledge of how to go about my complicated dental issues. Also, I find their costs fair so far, and appreciate their interest in how I approach the costs of certain procedures, helping me prioritize over the next few months to come up with a good game plan."

- Libra R.

"I always enjoy coming to this dentist office... I am always greeted by Rhema who is just so wonderful. The staff, dentists, assistants, and cleaning technicians all love their jobs and it shows. They always check in with me prior to an appointment with a reminder and afterwards to make sure I'm doing okay. I have recommended them to co-workers and my family members because I know they will be well taken care of. I always have an accurate estimate and never feel like I'm being taken advantage of on the cost either."

- Julia C.

"Very friendly and professional. I'm a fairly new patient and found Cedar Dental Group from reviews online. So glad I did! They made me feel so welcome and comfortable and explained everything very thoroughly and made sure to ask many times if I needed any clarification or if I was doing OK. Can tell I'll be heading here for awhile, though hopefully not too often and just for cleanings :) thanks guys!"

- McKenna D.