Crowns & Bridges

If you have one or more teeth that are severely decayed, broken or missing, you may need dental crowns or a bridge to restore your smile. Dr. Courtney has helped thousands of patients restore their smiles using porcelain crowns and bridges and he can help you regain the proper function and health of your teeth.

Dr. Courtney has been providing high-quality, affordable care to his patients for many years. Throughout the years he has been practicing in Renton, Dr. Courtney has regularly advanced his knowledge and skills to keep up with the latest advances in dentistry and pass on these benefits to his patients. He has trained at some of the largest dental institutes in the country, including the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry.

When it comes to having dental crowns or bridges placed in your mouth, a number of factors come into play. These include the aesthetics or look of the restoration, how it fits in your mouth, how it affects your bite and how well the teeth will be protected against further decay and infection. Dr. Courtney looks at all of these issues and more to make sure you are getting restorations that will last you for years to come.

Our goal is to help you restore your teeth to their natural beauty and function so that you can eat, talk and smile without pain or discomfort, and without having to be self-conscious about your teeth. We have many examples of before and after images in our smile gallery below so you can get an idea of what we can do for you.

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Why would I need a crown?

Crowns or caps are commonly used in dentistry for both health and cosmetic purposes. A crown is a replacement cover that is placed when a tooth has decayed extensively, or the root of the tooth has gotten infected and needs a root canal. Crowns can be made of porcelain or metal with a porcelain cover.

Crowns can also be used to cover teeth that not attractive or need cosmetic improvements. Dr. Courtney often uses combinations of crowns and porcelain veneers to effect complete smile makeovers.

Porcelain crowns and partial crowns (inlays and onlays) are not right for all situations, especially for high-stress chewers, grinders, and clenchers. If you have a history of clenching or grinding, crowns can give you stronger resistance and will last longer. Using porcelain crowns we can often strengthen and save more of your natural tooth enamel and give you a long-lasting smile.

We work with one of the top dental labs in the area that makes crowns based on Dr. Courtney's precise notes and preparation, and only using the highest quality materials.

Comfortable and durable dental bridges

A bridge can be used to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth. In many cases this is a less expensive alternative than getting dental implants and may be partially covered by your insurance.

Bridges are permanent appliances that are placed by shaving down the teeth on either side of the gap and using those teeth to anchor a replacement tooth. This has the advantage of filling the gap, but does not provide the same amount of strength or function as a dental implant.

Dr. Courtney has many years of experience crafting custom bridges for his patients and he can create one for you that will look aesthetic and blend in perfectly with your natural teeth.

When would you need a Bridge?

If you have a missing tooth, it can have a number of consequences on the rest of your mouth. The teeth surrounding the gap will slowly shift out of place in an effort to fill the space, which can lead to bite problems, crooked teeth and further decay. 
The other issue is bone loss. The bone in you jaw exists to support the teeth and it requires stimulation from chewing to keep it intact. Once the tooth is gone, that portion of your jaw will weaken and start to recede.

Bridges and dental implants can help prevent these problems.

Is a Bridge the best option?

In many cases, a dental implant is preferable to a bridge when you have missing teeth.  Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Courtney, and discuss the options that would work best for you.