Knowledgeable, Friendly and Gentle Dentistry

Dr. Courtney and his staff would like to welcome you to Cedar Dental Group! Our team has the skills and technology to help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life. We do it by understanding our patients’ needs and providing them with painless treatment to enhance their natural beauty.


We can give you the smile you deserve.

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you.

When you look in the mirror do you sometimes wish your teeth were brighter or straighter? Or perhaps you want to have your front teeth re-shaped to better complement your mouth? Dr. Courtney can do all this and much, much more.


Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are very thin facings that are placed on top of your natural teeth to change their shape, color and size. Dr. Courtney has years of experience using veneers to create custom smiles for his patients.


Composite Fillings

Dr. Courtney provides modern composite restorations as a healthy replacement for old traditional silver amalgam fillings. These composite fillings restore teeth that have minor decay, breaks or cracks.


Porcelain crowns

If you have one or more teeth that are severely decayed, broken or missing, you may need dental crowns or a bridge to restore your smile. Dr. Courtney has helped thousands of patients restore their smiles.

The Cedar Dental Group team smiling up in black shirts.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Courtney and the entire staff of Cedar Dental Group have advanced training to handle treatment of complex dental cases which need dental implants or other forms of intricate dental care to restore a smile.  We have helped 100's of patients with smile makeovers and we can help you too!

If you are looking for a dentist who will understand your needs and concerns, assist you in overcoming any dental fears, and provide the dental care you need under one roof, you have come to the right place. Dr. Courtney and the staff of Cedar Dental Group genuinely care for the well being of their patients and will work with you to achieve their goals for their teeth and smile.